10. Drinks tray

Chairs, standing up for sitting down.

We might think of chairs as a commonplace commodity, just like any other piece of furniture.  We rarely think...

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Designing with nature – how we build with solid wood

Humankind’s relationship with wood goes back to the dawn of human evolution. It feeds us, houses us, and even...

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6. Double proof cotton canvas

The origins of a classic: The Director’s Chair

The history of the Director’s Chair dates back a surprisingly long way, and has unusual origins for what is...

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Choosing the perfect table for any location

Tables are arguably the most functional and versatile piece of furniture of any room (except the bedroom of course),...

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3. Applying lacquer

Why do we finish wood with a protective coat?

Out in nature, our trees need water to grow and form, and they support the surrounding eco-system of insects...

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