Baobab Table

The Baobab Boardroom table is simply awe inspiring! Admittedly, a very heavy piece of equipment, built from one of the hardest, heaviest of African hardwoods, Zambezi Teak (also still known as Rhodesian Teak in some quarters), it has been used in a number of applications – as dining tables, office meeting tables, reception tables, conference tables and naturally boardroom tables.

The top is a massive slab of solid wood, up to 6 meters (20′) long and 1.5 meters (5′) wide, and up to 50mm (2″) thick, supported on great teak pillars, beams and trusses. The top can be ship shape (classic boardroom table shape), rectangular, oval or round (maximum 1.5 meters because of the weight of the top). The substructure comes disassembled and is very easy to assemble, to allow it to be moved into a room more easily.

Each table is carefully hand built over about 8 weeks. Timber is meticulously selected and matched, before the long process of laminating the top begins. This is done a few timbers at a time to ensure perfect joints that will last for generations. The finishing process is long and painstaking, with the whole structure being hand sanded over a week. All Boardroom tables are made to order, so please allow for this lengthy process. That being said, they are very reasonably priced as we supply direct from the factory, at prices lower than tables made of much inferior manmade boards and veneers.

Length Width Height Weight
4000mm 1200mm 750mm 340kgs
Length Width Height
4000mm 1200mm 250mm
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