We build a range of tables from small restaurant tables to huge boardroom tables, office tables, dining tables and tables suitable for outdoors. The designs are practical but stylish, and only the finest hardwoods are used in their construction. Great care is taken with crafting perfect joints to ensure years of use. The timber sections used in our tables is much more generous than normally encountered in solid wood tables giving a product of solidity and permanence as well as good looks!



Building great chairs is an art. And the magic of a great wooden chair is unfortunately hidden in the joints that hold it together. These joints have to fit perfectly and be completely bonded on all surfaces to ensure the integrity of the chair. Every joint we make is inspected and signed for no less than three times during construction to ensure perfect strength and longevity. Maybe a little paranoid, but we like to be sure.

The other aspect of the art of chair building is an ergonomic design. We build prototypes until we are happy that we have the best angles, shapes and dimensions for the style of chair we are building, to ensure comfort while maintaining the strength of the whole.