The Victoria Falls Bridge Table

The Victoria Falls Bridge dining room Table

The Victoria Falls Bridge Table was created by Richard Lowe as a for his own home, inspired by the world famous Victoria Falls Bridge. With its beautifully elegant curved stretcher and stylishly angled legs supporting a magnificent slab of two inch thick solid Zambezi Teak, this masterpiece is a true collector’s delight.

Simply the best option for many uses: The Victoria Falls Bridge Table can be used as a spectacular dining table, a most impressive boardroom or office table, or simply an iconic piece in any special setting. If the table is to be used on a patio or verandah we recommend an oil finish rather than a lacquer finish. The Bridge Table comes in 3 sizes, the largest seating up to 10 people.

Richard has designed variations as very elegant desks for a high end hotel, a server tables for dining settings and a very unusual kitchen table among others! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like us to come up with a bespoke design for you.

Ordering and delivery: Ordering is very simple. Please fill in the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page and a representative will get right back to you if the enquiry is during normal working hours Central Africa Time. Otherwise we will respond on the next working day. Delivery will be arranged by the same agent, with assembly assistance if required. The table is offered at a very reasonable price for such a magnificent piece, making it a superb investment that will last forever! Due to the long and painstaking process of handcrafting and hand finishing each table, please allow eight weeks for manufacture from the time of order. Delivery times depend on destination.

dining room tableThe construction of a Bridge Table:
The Bridge Table is constructed from possibly the finest hardwood in the world – Zambezi teak (formerly known as Rhodesian teak). Zambezi teak is an exceptionally dense African hardwood possessed of the most beautiful, rich golden brown grain, making it one of the most valuable timbers in the world. Zambezi teak grows on the deep Kalahari sands found in the vicinity of the Victoria Falls and Zambezi River.

The elegant curve of the stretcher is constructed of thin slices of Zambezi teak carefully laid one layer at a time over a special mould and clamped under high pressure for 48 hours to give a visually stunning solid teak arched beam that is virtually indestructible – just like the original bridge! The curved stretcher secures the elegant splayed legs of the table that are themselves hand crafted using a proprietary joint unique to African Signature Furniture, ensuring the integrity of the joints for all time.

wooden dining room table
The top is a solid slab of Zambezi (Rhodesian) Teak, 40 – 50mm thick right through, carefully selected from the finest heartwood timber of the Zambezi teak tree. Other table makers will only use such valuable timber as a veneer or thin section with a false edge to make it look thicker. Another reason why our tables are so incredibly valuable.


Ten Three meters (ten feet) One meter, one hundred millimetres (three feet eight inches).
Eight Two meters four hundred millimetres (eight feet) One meter (three feet three inches)
Six Two meters (six feet five inches) One meter (three feet three inches)


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