Classic Butler’s Tray


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The Butler’s Tray is an old Colonial favourite where it was often used to serve drinks at sundown. The tray lifts off the scissor folding legs to serve clients or collect their food and drinks.

We have two versions of the Butler’s Tray – the Classic has folding sides that also make it suitable to use as a table. The Standard that is configured as a normal tray but of generous proportions.

Smaller versions of the Butler’s Tray have also been used as Bedside Tables – particularly useful in mobile camps where the equipment must be folded and stowed away for transport to the next camp.


OilOilTeak lacquerTeak lacquer
SKU: 54764564edxxx-1-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Category:



  • Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Finishes: Oil and Lacquer
  • Sizes: Classic and Standard
  • Material: Zambezi Teak or African Bloodwood

Sizes & weights:

Tray Type Length Width Height Weight
Classic Zambezi Teak 850mm (34”) 650mm (26”) 720mm (29”) 10kg (22lbs)
Classic African Bloodwood 850mm (34”) 650mm (26”) 720mm (29”) 6kg (13lbs)
Standard Zambezi Teak 800mm (32”) 450mm (18”) 720mm (29”) 12kg (26lbs)
Standard African Bloodwood. 800mm (32”) 450mm (18”) 720mm (29”) 7kg (15lbs)

The hinges used on our Classic Butler’s Tray are a special spring-loaded flap hinge designed to open to 90 degrees.



  • The Butler’s Tray is wrapped in Air-o-Thene and crated in double thickness cardboard crate. The legs of the Butler’s Tray are securely wrapped and strapped in Air-o-Thene
  • Please enquire for shipping prices. These are small items and there are various options available.

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