Field wine Cabinet


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The Field Wine Cabinet is another product designed in the tradition of Campaign and Safari Furniture. It will make a real impact with guests and be a great talking point! The front door folds down to form a serving table while the cabinet can hold 28 bottles of fine wine. The fold away legs make it most suitable for mobile safaris into the African bush.


SKU: 54764564edxxx-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Category:



  • Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Finishes: Oil
  • Material: Zambezi Teak or African Bloodwood

Additional Information

  • The Field Wine Cabinet is beautifully handmade using through dovetail joints to join the box sides, the finest traditional joints available for box construction. Interior partitions are expertly fitted with rigid half lap joints. The front folding door is made with stable panel-in-frame construction.
  • The Field Wine Cabinet may be built from one of two fine African hardwoods:
    • Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) formerly known as Rhodesian Teak . Very hard with exceptional colour and grain.
    • African Bloodwood (Pterocarpus angolensis) aka Kiaat or Mukwa. A much lighter hardwood than Zambezi Teak , making the Bloodwood Field Bars easier to carry around.
  • The solid brass corner blocks and straps are imported from the United Kingdom.
Box Type Width Depth Height Weight
Field Wine Cabinet 765mm 445mm 500mm 35kg (77lbs)
Field Wine Cabinet Bloodwood 765mm 445mm 500mm 21kg (46lbs)



  • The Field Wine Cabinet is wrapped in Air-o-Thene and crated in double thickness cardboard crate. The legs of the Field Wine Cabinet are securely wrapped and strapped in Air-o-Thene.
  • Packed Sizes
  Width Depth Height
Field Wine Cabinet 800mm (32”) 485mm (191/2”) 540mm (22”)
Field Wine Cabinet legs 1050mm (42”) 420mm (17”) 75mm (3”)

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Europe $350.00
Asia $350.00
Australia New Zealand $550.00
Russia $550.00
North, West East Africa $550.00
Southern Africa Per destination




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