Military Chest of Drawers


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The African Touch Military Chest of Drawers are beautifully crafted pieces of handmade furniture. In fact this piece consists of two chests of drawers in the true tradition of British Campaign furniture. This allowed the chest of drawers to be separated for ease of carriage and so that the two halves of two chests could be separated to make a base for a bed! The corners and sides are protected by solid brass imported corner blocks and straps.

The drawer boxes, bases and the cabinet backs are crafted from the solid African hardwood. This shows our dedication to bringing you the finest furniture products built from the finest materials – other furniture makers will build these components from softwood and manmade boards to save on weight, cost and time.

The drawers run on imported roller bearing slides to give a smooth action. The solid brass handles are true to the Military furniture tradition.

Another alluring feature of our dedication to the finest joinery is the fact that the drawers are all constructed using through dovetail, and sliding dovetail joints – the expert’s choice. This is what Fine Woodworking Magazine, America’s foremost magazine in professional woodwork, has to say about dovetail joints: ‘Considered one of the strongest and certainly the most beautiful of joints, the dovetail exacts a stiff price in terms of skill for the strength and good looks it provides. Dovetails are probably the strongest method for joining two pieces of wood, surface to surface, with the grain running in the same direction. The dovetail joint provides considerable mechanical strength because when the joint is assembled, it can’t be twisted or racked. And the shape of the dovetail makes it impossible to take apart in one direction and difficult in the other. This joint stays together — even without glue!’


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Material used: 2 African hardwoods hardwood are available.

  • Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) formerly known as Rhodesian Teak. One of the hardest timbers in the world of exceptional beauty and grain.
  • African Bloodwood (Pterocarpus angolensis) aka Kiaat or Mukwa. A much lighter hardwood than Zambezi Teak, Bloodwood is a fine hardwood that finishes exceptionally well and has a very rich, mixed grain and colour varying from honey brown to deep red brown.

Finishes available:

  • Lacquer. This gives a clear, hard finish that brings out the colour and grain of the timber beautifully. It prevents water marks and is easy to maintain.
  • Oil. This gives a more natural finish and texture to the wood.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Product Dimensions:

Height Width Depth Weight.
Zambezi Teak 965mm (38 1/2”) 1000mm (40”) 500mm (20”) 195kg (430lbs)
African Bloodwood 965mm (38 1/2”) 1000mm (40”) 500mm (20”) 120kg (264lbs)




  • Your The African Touch Military Chests of Drawers will be carefully packed with air-o-thene foam protected by double walled cardboard crate.
  • Packed Sizes:
Length Width Depth Weight
Zambezi Teak 1000mm (40”) 1025mm (41”) 525mm (21”) 200kg (440lbs)
African Bloodwood 1000mm (40”) 1025mm (41”) 525mm (21”) 125kg (275lbs)


Approximate shipping costs:

USA $550.00
Europe $450.00
Asia $450.00
Australia New Zealand $700.00
Russia $700.00
North, West East Africa $700.00
Southern Africa $200.00

Order Now

Order Now

Ordering and delivery: White glove delivery can be arranged in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. As each Military Chest of Drawers we make is carefully handcrafted and hand finished to order, please allow four weeks for manufacture, and two to four weeks for delivery from the time of order.

Ordering wood samples: Should you wish to receive a sample of the wood we use this can be shipped for a fee of USD 20 (R 250), refundable if you purchase a table from us.

Pricing: Price excludes delivery / freight charges quoted separately.

United States Dollars South African Rand
$ 1 750 R 24 500