Military Officer’s Desk


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The African Touch’s Military Officer’s Desk follows the design tradition of the master cabinetmakers of the 18th and 19th century who were commissioned by Officers in the British Army to build campaign furniture pieces that were not only exquisitely handcrafted but also practical to set up when on the campaign trail.

Our Officer’s Desk is beautifully handmade with world-class joinery perfectly cut to give a signature piece of superb value. We commission the production of all the solid brass fittings with the corner blocks and straps being cast in the United Kingdom and the brass connecting rod being machined to our specs in South Africa. The writing pad is genuine leather supplied by our Bulawayo tanner.



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  • Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Finishes: Lacquer and Oil
  • Material: Zambezi Teak & African Bloodwood

Additional Information

  • The cabinet of Military Officer’s Desk is expertly made using through dovetail and sliding dovetails joints. These are the strongest and most rigid joints for this type of construction. The drawers are similarly constructed.
  • The Military Officer’s Desk is constructed of solid African hardwood right through, even for the drawer bases and other hidden parts for which other makers use cheaper man made boards.
  • Sizes & weights:
Timber Type Width Depth Height Weight
Zambezi Teak 1300mm (52”) 600mm (24”) 750mm (30”) 115kg (250lbs)
African Bloodwood 1300mm (52”) 600mm (24”) 750mm (30”) 70kg (150lbs)

Material used: Two African hardwoods are available:

  • Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) formerly known as Rhodesian Teak . Very hard with exceptional colour and grain.
  • African Bloodwood (Pterocarpus angolensis) aka Kiaat or Mukwa. Wonderfully varied colour and beautifully figured grain make this a favourite for aficionados of fine furniture.



The Military Officer’s Desk is wrapped in Air-o-Thene and crated in double thickness cardboard crate. The legs of the Hemingway are securely wrapped and strapped in Air-o-Thene.

Packed Sizes

  Width Depth Height
Cabinet 1325mm (53”) 625mm (25”) 225mm (9”)
Legs mm (”) mm (”) mm (”)

Approximate shipping costs Hemingway Field Bar:

USA $400.00
Europe $350.00
Asia $350.00
Australia New Zealand $550.00
Russia $550.00
North, West East Africa $550.00
Southern Africa Per destination



  • Pricing: Price excludes VAT & delivery / freight charges quoted separately.