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The African Touch Platters are made to random shapes with a nifty handle carved into the side of the platter. We have two versions, a Steak Platter with a gravy groove around the outside of the board, and a Serving Platter.


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  • Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Types: Steak Platter or Serving Platter
  • Material: Zambezi Teak or African Bloodwood

Additional Information

  • Our Platters are supplied raw and should only be oiled with a food grade oil, such as olive oil.
  • When washing, wipe down with a wet cloth. Do not leave to soak in water.
  • The African Touch Platters may be crafted from one of two fine African hardwoods:
    • Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) formerly known as Rhodesian Teak . Very hard with exceptional colour and grain.
    • African Bloodwood (Pterocarpus angolensis) aka Kiaat or Mukwa. A much lighter hardwood than Zambezi Teak , making the Bloodwood Field Bars easier to carry around.
Platter Type Width Length Depth Weight
Steak Platter (approximate dimensions and weight) 230mm 350mm 30mm 0.66kg (1.5lbs)
Serving Platter (approximate dimensions and weight) 300mm 400mm 30mm 1kg (2.2lbs)



Pricing: Price excludes VAT & delivery / freight charges quoted separately.

Prices – We need to allow for orders of  both steak and serving platters and a number of each.

  United States Dollars South African Rand
Steak Platter $ 30.00 R 420.00
Serving Platter $ 35.00 R 490.00