Baines Executive Desk

The Baines Executive Desk range are ideal for home office or Corporate headquarters environments. An executive office desk, commonly referred to as a double pedestal desk, offers a professional look along with all of the storage and work surface space you need to stay fully productive. Combined with the Baines bookcases and various filing systems cupboards this range will give you a professional working environment of superb comfort and style. They are superbly complimented by our boardroom tables and servers.

In 1858 Thomas Baines accompanied David Livingstone on his Zambezi Expedition, but produced his famous album of paintings ‘The Victoria Falls – Zambezi River’ on his second expedition in 1861. These were the first detailed images of the Victoria Falls (which were not photographed until 1891) available in Europe and America. We have named our Victoria Falls Collection Executive Desk after this great Victorian adventurer.

The Baines Executive Desks are superbly hand crafted only from solid Zambezi Teak (aka Rhodesian Teak). Other cabinet makers will use plywood or other man made boards for drawer bottoms or internal divisions. Drawers glide of the finest quality imported stainless steel roller bearing slides.

Thomas Baines, who trained as a cabinet maker, would surely have appreciated the classical joinery used to construct the Victoria Falls Collection. Drawer fronts are fitted with sliding dovetail joints, with dovetails used on the remainder of the drawer box. We have designed a desk with clean lines and broad slabs of solid African hardwood to show the beautiful grain and splendid colouration of the magnificent timber (Zambezi or Rhodesian Teak) from which these imposing pieces are made.

The Baines Executive desk comes in 3 sizes. The largest, with a desk top of 2 meters by 1 meter (6 2/3 feet by 3 1/3 feet), has a genuine leather writing top, with drawers on one side and cupboards on the other of the two pedestals. The medium Baines Executive Desk top is 1.8 meters by 900 mm (6 feet by 3 feet), with the same drawer and cupboard combination but without the leather inlay as standard. The small version is 1.4 meters by 600mm (4 2/3 feet by 2 feet), has drawers but no cupboards. For quotes or enquiries for your custom configuration, please complete the form on our ‘Contact Us’ page and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

Notes on The Victoria Falls Collection joinery:

For over 20 years we have trained our artisans to use the very best cabinet making methods to construct our handmade pieces. For instance, drawers and boxes are beautifully constructed with dovetail and stopped dovetail joints. Fine Woodworking, Americas’ premier publication for professionals says:

“Considered one of the strongest and certainly the most beautiful of joints, the dovetail exacts a stiff price in terms of skill for the strength and good looks it provides.
Dovetails are probably the strongest method for joining two pieces of wood, surface to surface, with the grain running in the same direction. The dovetail joint provides considerable mechanical strength because when the joint is assembled, it can’t be twisted or racked. And the shape of the dovetail makes it impossible to take apart in one direction and difficult in the other. This joint stays together — even without glue!”

Even more demanding is the sliding dovetail joint – unique to African Signature Furniture – used to connect shelves to side walls of cabinets and drawer fronts to drawer boxes. A dovetail ‘trench’, sometimes a meter or more long, is painstakingly cut into a solid side wall or drawer front. A corresponding dovetail, of equal length and exactly the same inverse profile, is cut into the end grain of the board to be joined. The two components are then carefully slid together with a quality wood glue to for an incredibly strong and permanent joint:

Permanent joint

Doors and side walls are built with a panel within a frame to allow for the natural movement of true solid wood furniture. Again, from Fine Woodworking:

“Frame-and-panel construction is a popular method for making doors, cabinetry, and a variety of furniture and architectural components. Its primary purpose is to create a large panel with minimal wood movement. Whereas solid wood shrinks and expands with changes in humidity affecting its overall dimensions, a frame and panel doesn’t. Instead, the panel is able to expand and contract freely inside an unchanged frame.”

Mortise and tennon joints are measured exactly before being cut on our first class Italian made mortise and tennon machines. No human being can cut such a joint as accurately or as cleanly as the best woodworking machines. The tennon is machined to exact tolerances so that just the correct gap is left with the mortice to allow the very strongest bond with the best quality wood glue used.