The Roorkhee Campaign Chair

African Camps Furniture are proud to introduce our superb interpretation of the legendary campaign chair named after the headquarters of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers stationed at Roorkhee, northern India, and used by British military officers from the 1890’s up to the outbreak of World War II.

Campaign life for well-heeled British Officers in the 19th century was always as comfortable as possible, and the Roorkhee chair fitted the bill perfectly. It was easy to assemble with a few straps, adjusted to the weight of the occupant to allow for the often uneven ground and to fit snug around the curvature of the body while giving excellent support. Ours is even more luxurious with the option of a Roorkhee foot stool of generous dimension (that can be used for extra seating when required).

The African Camps Roorkhee Campaign Chair is a strong and functional. It is built from the most beautiful timber, African Bloodwood, with deep brown to golden honey grain. We recommend an oil finish that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and very attractive giving the timber a natural look and feel. The African Camps Roorkhee chair is entirely at home in the finest country estate, boutique hotel or camp on the banks of the magnificent Zambezi River. Every piece is hand turned and individually fitted to build a chair, so no two are exactly the same. The process takes many hours of skilled shaping, fitting, sanding and finishing.

The covers on offer are:

  • Fine, full thickness (4mm) Safari Leather in dark brown. Genuine leather gives the most comfortable seat in all weather conditions.
  • Double padded cotton canvas for a comfortable, snug seat.
  • Double sided, padded, UV resistant, waterproof rip-stop canvas. This is ideal for outdoor and heavy duty use.

Because each chair is individually handmade and the covers hand stitched, please allow 8 weeks for the crafting of your chair. Our Roorkhee Campaign Chair is offered at exceptional value for money and special arrangements can be made for large orders.