Tonga Door coffee table

This unique rectangular coffee table is a true original.  Built from richly-textured and sumptuously-coloured Zambezi Teak, it incorporates a hand-crafted Tonga Door carved by a member of the Valley Tonga tribe, resident in the Zambezi Valley.  Every door possesses the unique symbol(s) of the clan from whence the door originated. This spectacular furnishing would make a fine talking point at any society gathering.

Every Tonga Door is different, so if you would like to order one please ‘Contact Us’ and we will send pictures of the options we have. A 6mm glass cover is an extra option we can supply.

Downstream from the picturesque Victoria Falls lays the Zambezi Valley, home to the Valley Tonga people.  Renowned for their prowess in carving various household items, this tribe possess an affinity for creating spectacular carved doors and stools.  The process begins when a tribesman locates a Mubimba tree.  After felling it using a kaleba, he smoothes and carves his project with an imbezyo.  Designs are then burnt or carved out with an ingumba before making use of cikunguzya to keep the door upright and balanced.   As you can see, at The African Touch, we combine African heritage with our modern techniques, providing our customer with a truly original finished product.