Morris Chairs

The African Touch would like to introduce our interpretation of the classic Morris chair. First conceptualised by Ephrain Colman in the mid 1860s, and later developed and designed by William Morris and Company, we have evolved the typical Victorian style chair, with an old-style appearance it into very comfortable and very robustly built, stylish chair at exceptionally good value.

We offer 3 designs: Mzilikazi, Zambezi and Safari Morris Chair.

Design & Construction
We have been hand crafting our version of the Morris Chairs for over 20 years, made from Zambezi Teak, the most beautiful timber in the world, with a fine, close grain and deep, rich natural colour, makes this beautiful, very comfortable chair an essential addition to your home veranda or patio.


Our range of Morris Chairs are available in a single, double, triple and Day Bed versions, except the Safari Morris Chair, which is only available in single or double. The Mzilikazi and Zambezi Morris chairs come in a knock down construction to allow easy, cost effective transport. They are very simple to assemble with the instructions provided.
Seat Covers
Seat covers can be UV protected ripstop canvas (double padded or single) or luxurious pure veg tanned harness leather. The standard canvas colour is Howard Green, though Beige and Navy Blue are normally available as well. For other colours please enquire.


After years of use, the canvas covers can become worn and possibly torn. Our covers are a standard size so replacement covers can easily be ordered from the factory or agent.
The finish on your African Camps Morris Chairs can be an oiled finish (always recommended if the chairs are to be used outdoors or as patio armchairs) or with a lacquer coat (suitable for indoor use).