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The African Touch Deluxe Roorkhee Chair is a superb version of our standard Roorkhee chair designed and upgraded by Richard Lowe. The backrest is long and tapered, and swivels on specially machined solid brass fittings that glide in a tightly fitted bush to give a silky smooth movement. We have also had the brass buttons that hold the front of the armrest specially machined for us. The seat is extra wide for added comfort. As with the original version of the Roorkhee chair it is designed to come apart very easily by unhitching the leather belts and slipping the components out of their snug mortices. This is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of Roorkhee Chairs.

Covers available are top quality Automobile seat cover canvas with leather trim and belts or pure veg tanned harness leather. Luxury at its finest!




  • Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Finishes: Oil or Lacquer
  • Sizes: High Chair or Standard Chair
  • Material: Zambezi Teak or African Bloodwood

Additional Information

The chair components are hand turned from 50mm (2”0) square select hardwood sections. The artisan’s skill is such that he turns the legs and rails to exact detail by eye. The male tenon on the rails fit exactly into the female mortice on the legs with sufficient play to allow the easy assembly of the chair and for the chair to adjust to uneven ground.

Sizes & weights:

  Height Width Weight.
Zambezi Teak high chair 1150mm (46”) 600mm (24”) 10kg (22lbs)
African Bloodwood high chair 1150mm (46”) 600mm (24”) 6kg (13lbs)
Zambezi Teak standard chair 1050mm (42”) 600mm (24”) 9kg (20lbs)
African Bloodwood standard chair 1050mm (42”) 600mm (24”) 5.5Kg (12lbs)

 Material used: 2 African hardwoods are available.

  • Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) formerly known as Rhodesian Teak . One of the hardest timbers in the world of exceptional beauty and grain.
  • African Bloodwood (Pterocarpus angolensis) aka Kiaat or Mukwa. A much lighter hardwood than Zambezi Teak, Bloodwood is a fine hardwood that finishes exceptionally well and has a very rich, mixed grain and colour varying from honey brown to deep red brown.

Finishes available:

  • The standard finish for our Roorkhee chairs is an oil finish, ideal for an outdoor environment. The oil finish brings out the beautiful colour and grain of the African hardwood used to make the chair.
  • For a more ornamental indoor chair a lacquer finish is available. This has a more polished appearance than the oil.



  • Your Roorkhee Chairs will be carefully packed in a double walled cardboard crate, 4 to a crate, padded with air-o-theme foam.
  • Packed Sizes:
Height Width Depth
950mm (38”) 550mm (22”) 375mm (15”)

Approximate shipping costs (crate of 4 chairs):

USA $400.00
Europe $350.00
Asia $350.00
Australia New Zealand $550.00
Russia $550.00
North, West East Africa $550.00
Southern Africa TQ