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The Mini Field Bar is the smallest version of our famous field bar family. It has 4 compartments for bottles, and 4 to keep your finest crystal glasses safe!

A portable drinks cabinet beautifully built with fittings of solid brass enhance the distinction of this fine piece.

It is ideally suited for a surprise presentation in your guest room or Safari tent. Safari Lodge managers who have placed these in their rooms tell us that guests are more excited about the lovely field bar than the safari!

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The Mini Field Bar is the little brother of the Hemingway Field Bar. It is built in the tradition of British Army campaign furniture. This portable drinks cabinet has 8 compartments, though custom sizes can be quoted on.  It can also be adjusted as a tea / coffee station. It will certainly add a real touch of class to any room. Impress your guests with a well-stocked mini field bar in their room at the end of a long days’ safari! The fittings  used on our Field Bars are imported solid brass of the best quality. The door folds down to form a great serving shelf.

The mini field pub is constructed from ultra tough and attractive Zambezi Teak. Also available is African Mahogany. It is held together with hand crafted dovetail joints that provide great strength and rigidity to the cabinet. The solid cast brass corner blocks and straps protect it from knocks and bumps.

The top and door are built with a panel within a frame construction. This allows for the movement of solid wood with changes in humidity without warping.

If used out of doors, we recommend an oil finish. For indoor use a lacquer finish is recommended.

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Weight14 kg
Dimensions45 × 24 × 41 cm



1. Zambezi Teak, 2. African Mahogany

If your Field Bar is oiled it receives three applications of Satinwood 28 Base oil prior to delivery. Our outlets carry stock, or you can find it in most hardware shops in South Africa. We recommend you do one application on installation of the furniture. From time to time you will need to re-apply the oil. If the furniture is used outdoors, please do the re-application every 3 months. When in doubt, re-apply when the finish looks faded or dry. The recommended application procedure is as follows:

  • Wipe surface down with a clean cotton cloth lightly moistened with mineral turpentine. (Ensure that all surfaces are completely dry and clean before proceeding with the next step)
  • Use a clean cotton cloth or soft bristled brush dipped in the oil and apply in light, short strokes, ensuring thorough and even distribution of the oil.
  • Leave the oil on the furniture for at least 1 to 2 hours (but not more than 24 hours), to allow absorption into the wood.
  • Use a clean cotton cloth and wipe off all excess liquid to leave a natural smooth finish.
  • Allow to dry for approximately 24 hours.


If the surface of your furniture becomes a bit grimy over time it can be very effectively cleaned with Deckwash from Timberlife. Apply with a clean cloth.  Work in well over the total surface and wipe off all excess liquid.

If a wet glass or similar is left on the surface it may leave a watermark. In this case please wipe the water off as soon as possible, and if necessary apply some more Satinwood 28 base. If the mark is still slightly visible you can rub with a little baking soda mixed with an equal part of water, wipe off with a damp cloth and re-apply the oil.

If your field bar is lacquered we suggest you place it away from direct sunlight. Apply a good furniture wax or polish, initially twice a month, thereafter once a month. Apply sufficient to thinly cover the surface. As it dries (becomes dull) buff with a clean cloth until a beautiful sheen is achieved. Between waxings, keep the finish clean with a soft cloth or duster, and buff without wax.

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  1. Zoe Hare

    Absolutely amazing ! Beautifully made, sturdy yet elegant. The handling of the order was also fantastic . We constantly get compliments about our mini har. Gift also had it altered for us with a leather inlay which is stunning. All round 5/5 for the product and the service offered during the process!

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Due to the stresses and strains that a Field Bar can be subject to, we cannot offer a lifetime guarantee on this product. However, we do offer a one year warranty against defects in construction or material.

Please note that the timber used to hand make an African Touch Field Bar is a natural hardwood that varied in colour and grain, so no two parts of a field bar will look the same nor will two field bars. Natural knots and growth cracks may be present, but these will not affect the integrity of the piece, but rather add to its charm and appearance.

The African Touch will not in any circumstances be liable for any claim which falls outside the scope of our warranty or for any consequential damages whatsoever.

For large orders we offer discounts. Please see the table below for the % offered.

Number of Field Bars ordered% discount offered

The Mini Field Bar is perfect for international shipping either by Courier (door to door) or Airfreight to your nearest airport. It comes packed in a tough, double walled, cardboard crate with Air-o-thene packing to avoid rubbing. Please Contact us to arrange a quote for you.

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