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The Spanish Chair is an exceptionally comfortable chair. At The African Touch we have taken the original design and improved on it. The seat is wide and the armrests are broad. The chair has been raised to make it more comfortable for older persons. The mortice and tenon joints have been strengthened and the timber used to make the chair is very much harder and more durable than the original. The tough harness leather hand stitched and riveted gives it a strong, masculine character, and ensures that the chair ages beautifully. The straps allow the back to be tightened if needed.

For more information on The Spanish Chair please see ‘Description’ below:



The Design

What a chair! Børge Mogensen designed The Spanish Chair in 1958 after seeing similar chairs in his family travels to Spain. In Andalucía he fell in love with an old leather armchair with a wide seat and broad armrests. Once back in Denmark, he modernised the design by removing the elaborate carvings, and thus he created his own version with his customary geometrical precision. Yet he retained the most important feature: the broad armrests that give the chair its distinctive character. At The African Touch we have taken his original design of The Spanish Chair and improved on it. It has been raised to make it more comfortable for older persons. Mortice and tenon joints have been strengthened and the timber used to make the chair is very much harder and more durable than the original. Tough harness leather hand stitched and riveted gives it a strong, masculine character, and ensures that the chair ages beautifully. The straps allow the back to be tightened if needed, which means that you can sit securely and comfortably in this chair from day one – making it the most comfortable leather armchair to while away your leisure time reading a great book or chatting to friends.

Materials used

We generally build The Spanish Chair frame from Zambezi Teak, formerly known as Rhodesian Teak. This is a very hard and dense material. The result is that the frame is durable and exquisite, but quite heavy. If a lighter frame is needed then our plantation hardwood – lighter in both colour and mass – or African Bloodwood are recommended. A lacquer finish brings out the grain and colour beautifully, but is only recommended for indoor use. Outdoors an oil finish is best.

The covers we offer for the Spanish Chair are:

  • Full thickness pure veg tanned bovine harness leather hand stitched and riveted for exceptional comfort and durability.
  • Double padded 4 x 4 auto canvas in sand or grey with leather trim.
  • Double padded cotton canvas – the original – with leather trim.
  • Double padded ripstop canvas – ideal for leaving outdoors as it is waterproof.
Uses of The Spanish Chair

The Spanish Chair is an exceptionally comfortable leather armchair, equally comfortable with the other covers offered. If you have never sat in one we recommend you do – you’ll be hooked! It is therefore ideal in any situation where a comfortable armchair is needed to read a book, view wildlife at your favourite waterhole or enjoy a sundowner. The broad armrests are so comfortable and ideal to place your drink glass or tea cup.

A great side table to go with The Spanish chair is the Campaign Folding Table

Spanish Chair maintenance

Spanish Chair maintenance

Lacquered Product.

To protect your lacquered finish place furniture away from direct sunlight. Apply a good furniture wax or polish, initially twice a month, thereafter once a month. Apply sufficient to thinly cover the surface. As it dries (becomes dull) buff with a clean cloth until a beautiful sheen is achieved. Between waxings, keep the finish clean with a soft cloth or duster, and buff without wax.

Oiled product.

Your oiled African Touch Spanish Chair receives three applications of Satinwood 28 Base oil prior to delivery. Our outlets carry stock, or you can find it in most hardware shops in South Africa. We recommend you do one application on installation of the furniture. From time to time you will need to re-apply the oil. If the furniture is used outdoors, please do the re-application every 3 months. When in doubt, re-apply when the finish looks faded or dry. The recommended application procedure is as follows:

  • Wipe surface down with a clean cotton cloth lightly moistened with mineral turpentine. (Ensure that all surfaces are completely dry and clean before proceeding with the next step)
  • Use a clean cotton cloth or soft bristled brush dipped in the oil and apply in light, short strokes, ensuring thorough and even distribution of the oil.
  • Leave the oil on the furniture for at least 1 to 2 hours (but not more than 24 hours), to allow absorption into the wood.
  • Use a clean cotton cloth and wipe off all excess liquid to leave a natural smooth finish.
  • Allow to dry for approximately 24 hours.


If the surface of your furniture becomes a bit grimy over time it can be very effectively cleaned with Deckwash from Timberlife. Apply with a clean cloth.  Work in well over the total surface and wipe off all excess liquid.

If a wet glass or similar is left on the surface it may leave a watermark. In this case please wipe the water off as soon as possible, and if necessary apply some more Satinwood 28 base. If the mark is still slightly visible you can rub with a little baking soda mixed with an equal part of water, wipe off with a damp cloth and re-apply the oil.

Leather covers.

To protect and nourish your leather covers, we recommend you use Hide Food from Stapol. We carry stocks of Hide Food in our outlets should you require it.

Firstly clean the leather with a damp cloth. Hide Food should always be applied using a lint free cloth, a natural or synthetic sponge using an even circular motion. Drying is temperature related but the cream generally dries in a couple of minutes after which it can be buffed with a polish brush or soft cloth. It will renovate and provide an elegant lustre. It also provides a good degree of water resistance.

Discounts offered

Discounts offered

For orders of 5 or more chairs we offer a 10% discount. For large orders including multiple products please contact us for our offer.



Sizes & weights:

Height Width Depth Weight.
Zambezi Teak 680mm (27”) 800mm (32”) 600mm (24”) 15kg (33lbs)
African Bloodwood 680mm (27”) 800mm (32”) 600mm (24”) 9kg (20lbs)

Covers Available:

  • Full thickness, pure veg tanned harness leather, is our ‘flagship’ cover. A deep, rich brown colour give it a wonderful opulence and it will last for generations if looked after. A natural material, it is the most comfortable seating in all climatic conditions.
  • Auto fabric. This is used in the automotive industry and is very similar in texture and feel to cotton canvas. However, it is very hard wearing indeed, colour fast, UV stabilised, unaffected by sweat or spillage and repels water and dirt. An excellent choice of cover available in sand, grey and black
  • Cotton canvas covers. Luxuriously soft relaxing. Double sided sandwiching a comfortable padding.
  • Ripstop canvas is extremely strong and both waterproof & UV resistant, making it ideal for chairs that will be used out of doors, though it does look stunning indoors. It also comes padded and double sided, and is available in green or sand.
  • The African Touch Spanish Chair is expertly handmade using the finest joinery skills. It is assembled with tight fitting mortice & tenon joints. As these joints have to be angled to provide for the angles of the legs, cross beams and armrest relative to each other and they are difficult to cut accurately, a skill we have mastered and take great pride in at The African Touch. Other chair makers join with dowels and / or screws hidden under plugs, and these chairs can easily fail. However, built correctly as we do, the chair will not come apart even under conditions of heavy use.



  • Your Spanish Chairs are shipped carefully packed in a double walled cardboard crate, 2 to a crate, padded with air-o-thene foam.

Packed Sizes:

Weight Height Width Depth
33kg (73lbs) 1100mm (44”) 820mm (33”) 700mm (28”)

Approximate shipping costs:

USA $400.00
Europe $350.00
Asia $350.00
Australia New Zealand $550.00
Russia $550.00
North, West East Africa $550.00
Southern Africa Per destination


Order Now

Order Now

Enquiries and orders: Spanish Chairs are normally available ex -stock, but please allow a couple of weeks for the covers of your choice to be made up.


  • Price excludes delivery / freight charges quoted separately.
  • The following discounts apply for large orders:
    • More than 5 chairs – 10%



We offer a 15 year warranty on your Spanish Chair frame for any flaws in construction or material (except natural imperfections such as knots, stress cracks etc.) Miss handling, incorrect assembly, or inappropriate use of the product will invalidate the warranty.

We will supply you with our suggested care and maintenance guidelines to ensure life-long enjoyment of your furniture. However, we cannot be held responsible for repairing / replacing this product if you don’t follow these guidelines

We build with timber harvested from natural forests. The charm of this material is that no two pieces are exactly the same in colour, character or grain, and they will contain natural imperfections such as knots, stress cracks and so on that enhance their authenticity and attractiveness. As a result no 2 pieces will ever be identical and products may have natural imperfections. However, these will never be allowed to compromise the quality of construction of your piece.

The African Touch will not in any circumstances be liable for any claim which falls outside the scope of our warranty or for any consequential damages whatsoever.

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