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The Bridge Table was inspired by the world-famous Victoria Falls Bridge. With its elegant arched stretcher and beautifully angled legs supporting a magnificent slab of two-inch-thick solid Zambezi Teak, this hardwood table is a celebration of the exquisite skill of the master artisans who carefully handcraft it.

The curve of the stretcher and top of the solid wood table with angled legs reflect the outline of the Bridge.

The Bridge Hardwood Table is a statement piece – it will uplift the finest dining room, office or boardroom. It has been used as signature piece in top lodges and restaurants, and partners perfectly with The Bridge Server or Selous Sideboard. For more information on the design and development of this table, please see the Description below.



The Design

The Victoria Falls Bridge Table, designed by Richard Lowe, but inspired by the world-famous Victoria Falls Bridge. The steel arch of the bridge is reflected in the elegant arched stretcher of this solid wood table. The angled legs of the table reflect the steel braces of the bridge. Topped off with a magnificent slab of two-inch-thick solid Zambezi Teak. Consequently, this hardwood table is a celebration of the exquisite skill of the master artisans who carefully handcraft it.

The Construction

The elegant curve of the stretcher is constructed from slices of Zambezi Teak, formerly known as Rhodesian teak. They are carefully laid one layer at a time over a special mold and clamped under high pressure for 48 hours. The result is a visually stunning solid arched beam that is virtually indestructible. The curved stretcher secures the uniquely splayed leg trusses of the table.

The leg trusses are hand built using a proprietary joint unique to The African Touch. As a result the integrity of the joints is ensured for all time. The solid hardwood top is assembled from carefully selected planks of Zambezi Teak heartwood. The individual timbers are laid out and carefully matched and marked. The sides are drilled and large dowels inserted. Planks are glued two at a time and clamped for twelve hours until the glue is rock hard. The process is repeated until the entire width of the table is laminated as one solid block of teak.

The Bridge solid wood dining table is simple to assemble. It is built in a knock down fashion to allow for easy transport and installation.

The Material we use

This is a hardwood table constructed from what we believe to be the finest hardwood available for furniture making. Zambezi Teak, formerly known as Rhodesian Teak. According to Rare Woods USD:

While not a true (Tectona genus) teak, Zambezi Teak shares a similar stability, durability and rot resistance. The heartwood is a reddish-brown colour, with prominent, irregular black lines and flecks. The sapwood is a pale muted pink and is clearly demarcated. In contrast to its “Genuine” counterpart, Zambezi Teak is an extremely dense hardwood. Despite its generally straight or slightly interlocked, finely-textured grains, this density makes the wood very difficult to work.

Uses of the Victoria Falls Bridge Table

The Bridge Hardwood Table is a statement piece. Therefore it will uplift the finest dining room, office or boardroom. The 4 meter version is particularly useful as a boardroom table. It has been used as signature piece in top lodges and restaurants, and partners perfectly with The Bridge Server or Selous Sideboard.

A short history of the Victoria Falls Bridge.

The Bridge hardwood table is based on the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge. For that reason a little history of that famous bridge may be in order. Most people in Southern Africa know that Cecil John Rhodes had a vision of joining Cape Town to Cairo with a rail line. This would become ‘the iron spine and ribs of Africa’. The mighty Zambezi River stood in the path of this great undertaking, and Rhodes determined: ‘Build the bridge across the Zambezi where the trains, as they pass, will catch the spray of the Falls’.

Rhodes died in 1902. He left the task of building the bridge to Sir Charles Metcalf, consultant engineer on the railway.

Designing the bridge.

The design was conducted by George Hobson of Sir Douglas Fox & Partners. This firm that later designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The bridge was designed as two cantilevers simultaneously built for either side of the gorge. The central span is a parabolic arched rib of 152.4 meters The height of this span 27.43 meters, and the bridge 125 meters above mean water level. On each side of the central span is a normal span. 19 meters on the west bank and 27 meters on the east.

Constructing the bridge.

The Cleveland Bridge Co. won the tender to build and install the bridge. A young French engineer, Georges Imbault, was appointed site engineer. Tough Scottish and Irish workers travelled from the UK to Cape Town and then on to Victoria Falls in March 1904.  Once the sections arrived building of this extraordinary engineering achievement went on apace. By March 1905 the two spans had come together. The engineering was so precise that Imbault calculated that the arch should be closed at 6.00 am with maximum spray from the Falls to cool the steel span sufficiently for the connection to be riveted in place. This was achieved on 1st April, 1905.

Maintaining your Bridge Table

Maintaining your Bridge Table

To protect your lacquered finish please place your table away from direct sunlight. Apply a good furniture wax or polish, initially twice a month, thereafter once a month. Apply sufficient to thinly cover the surface. As it dries (becomes dull) buff with a clean cloth until a beautiful sheen is achieved. Between waxings, keep the finish clean with a soft cloth or duster, and buff without wax.



Sizes & weights:

Seats Length Width Weight.
12-14 4m (13 feet 4”) 1.2m (4 feet) 360kg (790lbs)
10 3m (10 feet) 1.1m (3 foot 8”) 270kg (595lbs)
8 2.4m (8 feet) 1m (3foot 3”) 200kg (440lbs)
6 2m (6 foot 5”) 1m (3foot 3”) 150Kg (330lbs)

Material used:

The Bridge Table is constructed from possibly the finest hardwood in the world – Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga, formerly known as Rhodesian Teak ). Zambezi Teak is an exceptionally dense African hardwood possessed of the most beautiful, rich golden brown grain, making it one of the most valuable timbers in the world. Zambezi Teak grows on the deep Kalahari sands found in the vicinity of the Victoria Falls and Zambezi River.

Finishes available:

  • Lacquer. This gives a clear, hard finish that brings out the colour and grain of the timber beautifully. It prevents water marks and is easy to maintain.



  • Ordering and delivery: Delivery can be arranged world wide. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Ordering wood samples: Should you wish to receive a sample of the wood we use this can be shipped for a fee of USD 20 (R 250), refundable if you purchase a table from us.
  • Pricing: Price excludes delivery / freight charges quoted separately.
Table size United States Dollars South African Rand
4m x 1.2m $ 3 000 R 42 000
3m x 1.1m $ 2 250 R 31 500
2.4m x 1m $ 1 950 R 27 300
2m x 1m $ 1 695 R 23 730




  • Your Bridge Table will be carefully packed in a double walled cardboard crate, padded with air-o-thene foam.
  • Packed Sizes:
Table size Length Width Depth
4m x 1.2m 4.05m 1.25m 200mm
3m x 1.1m 3.05m 1.15m 200mm
2.4m x 1m 2.45m 1.05m 200mm
2m x 1m 2.05m 1.05m 200mm

Approximate shipping costs:

USA $550.00
Europe $450.00
Asia $450.00
Australia New Zealand $700.00
Russia $700.00
North, West East Africa $700.00
Southern Africa $200.00


Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

  • Please place the table top upside down on a blanket or the Air-o-Thene packing (with the steel bracket holders facing up).
  • Place the legs between the steel bracket holders at each end of the table opposite the slots in the leg cross beam.
  • Secure the curved stretcher beam to the leg stretcher by screwing the bolt stud into the end of the curved stretcher, sliding it through the hole in the middle of the leg stretcher and tightening in place with the nut and washer provided. The top of the curved stretcher will now touch the table top.
  • Secure legs in place by bolting the steel brackets into the bracket holder with the bracket lip in the slot in the leg cross beam. The bracket bolt requires a 17mm wrench or socket.
  • Finally, secure the curved stretcher beam to the table top with the remaining steel brackets.



We offer a 15-year warranty on your Bridge Table for any flaws in construction or material (except natural imperfections such as knots, stress cracks etc.) Miss handling or inappropriate use of the product will invalidate the warranty.

We will supply you with our suggested care and maintenance guidelines to ensure life-long enjoyment of your furniture. However, we cannot be held responsible for repairing / replacing this product if you don’t follow these guidelines.

We build with timber harvested from natural forests. The charm of this material is that no two pieces are exactly the same in colour, character or grain, and they will contain natural imperfections such as knots, stress cracks and so on that enhance their authenticity and attractiveness. As a result, no 2 pieces will ever be identical and products may have natural imperfections. However, these will never be allowed to compromise the quality of construction of your piece.

The African Touch will not in any circumstances be liable for any claim which falls outside the scope of our warranty or for any consequential damages whatsoever.



Bridge Table Zambezi Table
Internal use Yes Yes
External use No Yes
Sizes (meters) 2, 2.4, 3, 4 2, 2.4
Top thickness 50mm 30mm
Price range* $ 1695 – 3000 $ 1175 – 1395

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