The Zambezi Table will weather the outdoor life

Flowing close to our workshop in Zimbabwe is the Zambezi River - the fourth longest, and arguably most attractive, river in Africa.

A source of power to the region, and a thing of beauty, we named our Zambezi Table after this natural wonder, for reasons more than just the Zambezi teak used to craft the table, which makes this one of the most durable pieces for outdoor use.

When designing a piece of furniture, we like to work the design to find unusual yet attractive and interesting solutions to the practical requirements. Just like the “Ikea Principle”, it’s important that a product is easy to put together and install yourself on site, but in contrast, we create our products to last for generations, so the merging of these two factors becomes integral to the design.

This is how the Zambezi Table came into being. Built from Zambezi teak, this is key to our claim that it is the best outdoor table available on the market. Zambezi teak is one of the hardest timbers in the world, and certainly the hardest used for furniture. Unlike other timbers, it is so dense that it sinks in water and the heartwood is completely impervious to attack by insects, fungus etc. It is unaffected by rain, snow or hot / cold environments.

The legs are sturdy pillars of solid Zambezi teak that are held rigid by a pair of scissor stretchers – cross legs to the layman. The stretchers slide into the pillars on each side through an offset ‘Z’ groove, an interesting feature of the design. Four steel bolts with timberheads hold the whole piece together, and make the steel invisible when assembled.

Specially selected Zambezi teak timbers for the tabletop, machined to a uniform size before being individually hand finished and assembled by our highly skilled craftsmen into a beautiful, uniform top. Regular gaps between the timbers allow water to run off naturally.

We recommend that the piece be finished with a good quality outdoor oil or wax, though some owners like to leave the timber raw to age naturally.

The Zambezi Table has a similarly designed bench, which makes for excellent informal seating to go with the table on a patio or in the garden to enjoy your family breakfast or evening braais. Alternatively, pair with the African Touch Director’s Chairs and relax into them with a refreshing drink after a long days’ toil.