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Furniture ~ Handcrafted
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The African Touch

Handcrafted all-hardwood furniture is a luxury few can afford. At The African Touch we design functional furniture as art. Our master-craftsmen hand build and finish these creations from the finest African hardwoods, natural leather and solid brass into affordable, beautiful pieces that will uplift your space and last for generations.

Our story

A desire to run his own business and a passion for woodwork
led Richard Lowe to design and build furniture, which he has been doing
out of the magnificent local timbers – Zambezi Teak and other
African hardwoods – for the last 28 years.

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How its Made

Our craftsmen have been trained over the last quarter century in traditional woodworking skills, and are experts in producing very accurate and strong wood to wood joints such as mortice & tennon, dovetail & sliding dovetail, expanded tennon, half lap and so on. These joints, provided they are well constructed, form the strongest possible wood furniture joints. The glues used are always tested to ensure that the bond is stronger than the timber used to make the joint.

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Our clients