The African Touch Story

Designers of distinctive furniture. Master craftsmen in hardwood.

High quality Craftsmanship

No compromise on standards or reverting to mass production

Fully Bespoke Creations

Collaborate with us and create custom pieces as you want them

Authentic & Handcrafted

All our products are 100% locally hand crafted in Victoria Falls


Steadfast after-sales service and support you can count on

Our History

We have been handcrafting furniture in our Victoria Falls workshop since 1992. We are surrounded by some of the finest and hardest of hardwoods, and it was an interesting journey learning how to craft this beautiful natural resource into fine furniture. The extreme density of the timber has meant we have had to evolve tools and methods of work unknown in other joinery shops.

Master Skills

The age-old skills of the master cabinet maker are largely lost in the modern world. In Africa people work with wood from a young age. The well educated people of Zimbabwe therefore make ideal candidates to learn the skills of the master craftsmen. The furniture we build reflects the qualities of the materials we use and the superb skills of our craftsmen. All senior craftsmen have a share in the business.

Our Commitment

We are committed to never compromise the high standards and fine quality of our work as well as our design principles and attention to detail. Unique design and a great respect for the raw product is what makes owning one of our furniture pieces so sought after.

Our Philosophy

Dedication to craftsmanship and insisting on the very finest joinery and raw materials are central to The African Touch philosophy. All aspiring artisans are apprenticed to a master craftsman who guides them during two to three years of apprenticeship. They are only entrusted with their own projects once this training is complete.