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Campaign Furniture for Time+Tide Luwi


Luwi Camp South Luangwa


TIME+TIDE Luwi is a remote and authentic camp set deep in the heart of South Luangwa, with no other camps for miles around. Tranquillity envelops this camp, creating a haven that allows you to reconnect with nature in a meaningful way.   It really is so special in today’s world to have a luxury tented camp that is small and intimate as well as being so beautifully remote.  Luwi’s setting is ideal to enjoy moments around the campfire in the early mornings and evenings listening to the sounds of the Luangwa.



Cate Simpson, interior designer and service consultant, runs her own company, Reflecting Africa, based in Johannesburg.  Luwi Camp is just a small showcase of Cate’s incredible creativity.  She has a unique talent for reflecting a brand and the natural splendour and culture that a property is immersed in. Take a look at her work here at Time + Tide’s Luwi Camp:

Nestled in a grove of ancient mahogany trees, the four safari tents are designed to fully immerse guests into the bush experience. The tents boast serene open air bathrooms with outdoor showers, with private outdoor seating areas. Run entirely on solar energy, the camp has no phone or wifi signal, allowing guests to completely ‘recharge’ and disconnect.

The safari tents display the following pieces from The African Touch:

~ Custom Bathroom Vanity ~

~ Caprivi Canvas Chest ~

~ Campaign Bedside Tables ~

~ Safari Desk ~

~ Expedition Folding Table ~

TIME+TIDE Luwi camp living area also showcases a number of our unique campaign furniture pieces.  A custom Zambezi teak bar table and cabinet is front and centre of the main safari tent with it’s open-air dining, living room and bar. Our Planter’s Chairs and Wilderness Chairs make up part of the seating at the main tent and our famous Roorkhee Safari Chairs encircle the campfire. Two Classic Butler’s Trays and a custom dining table with our Standard Director’s Chairs make an idyllic outdoor dining space.

We thoroughly enjoy working with interior decorators and designers across the globe to see their inspiring vision of how they transform their clients spaces by incorporating our handcrafted furniture pieces.