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Choosing the perfect table for any location

Tables are arguably the most functional and versatile piece of furniture of any room (except the bedroom of course), whether it’s at home or at the workplace. The right type of table can add a dramatic statement and set the tone in a living room or corporate space, however the actual process of choosing the right table can be a daunting affair. Use our practical guidelines below to help you choose the size table that fits both your space and the functionality.

Large Tables

Round dining room or boardroom table.

King Arthur’s Round Table was symbolic of the equality of all who met at it, however the inability to arrange seating hierarchically can make it difficult to come to reach important decisions during a meeting. Round tables are ideal for informal discussions, brain storming and families that want a more informal atmosphere around the dinner table. Check out the table below for table sizes with matching seating capacity.

Four for drinks, two for dining 90 cm
Four 100cm
Eight 145 cm

Square or Rectangular Table.

A square table can lend stature to a meeting space or dining room and provide for a more structured seating arrangement. The table should ideally be long enough so that every setting provides comfortable personal space and wide enough to prevent table side cliques while still making it possible to communicate across the table in a natural tone of voice.

Allocate at least 55 cm of space behind each chair so that people can easily pass by or push back the seat to leave. Also make sure that the table doesn’t have an apron, the horizontal wood panel below the table top, that is too low and prevent people from crossing their legs.

Four 100 cm
Six 160 cm by 92 cm
Eight 184  to 215 cm by 92 cm
Eight to twelve 245 cm to 335 cm by 122

Small Tables

Coffee table

The coffee table is usually the last piece of furniture that completes the living room. Some of the things it’s worthwhile to consider is

  •  Space to comfortably reach from your settees and sofas while being able to comfortably stretch your legs, around 46 cm. If your space is small, leave about 65 cm open so that people can easily traverse the room without bumping anything over.
  • Lifestyle and composition. If you plan to eat meals or entertain in your livingroom frequently consider a taller coffee table, up to 55 cm, so that you can reach or set down a plate easily. A smaller table should also be higher to get the composition right. A really low coffee table that matches low couches can give a nice laid back feel to a living room.

Patio Table

Choosing the right table for a balcony or small garden will allow you to take advantage of outdoor living in in the most urban setting. A patio table made of metal or hardwood such as African Teak or mahogany may last for years, however even the toughest furniture will last longer if you store it when not in use. Consider an outdoor table that folds easily or can be taken apart for compact storage.

If you’ve got all the practical considerations out of the way, size, style and functionality, you can enjoy the best part of decorating, and that is to shop! You can search online, visit a few furniture stores, snoop around in some antique stores or have a table custom made to fit your space. Just remember to have the measurements of the room, the available space that is unencumbered by other furniture , and the enough walking space to help you buy a table that is to scale, set the right mood for the room and blends in with the right scale.