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Chairs, what would we do without them?

We might think of chairs as a commonplace commodity, just like any other piece of furniture. We rarely think about our relationship with them. If you think about it carefully, chairs really extend beyond the basic function of a seat. Chairs provide a spatial sanctuary of distraction, support our bodies so that we can focus our minds and offer a physical location from which we interact with our world. They offer support when we collapse, when we yield to the pressure of life, succumb to the fatigue of grief, or to the deep relief of gratitude. Our passion for transforming hardwood and reclaimed timber into beautiful furniture allows us a unique perspective on chairs, outside its everyday context, with the purpose of imbuing every chair we make with meaning and significance. We make chairs in which you can have perfect faith in their ability to support you, whenever you need them.

A reliable chair, one that you will always be able to count on, must be strong. The strength of a chair and the weight it can carry, greatly depends on the woods and other materials that are used and how it’s joined together. There are simply no substitutes that compare to solid hardwoods when it comes to withstanding the stresses, loads, shocks and abrasions of daily use. At the African Touch we use mainly Zimbabwean Teak and African Blood Wood to make chairs. Although it’s a real challenge to work with, hardwood furniture is hard and durable and will last for ages, for generations to come, if properly looked after. We use solid hardwood throughout. No cheating with plywood or other composites for hidden components.

We design and build furniture that can exceed a lifetime, and other than making our chairs from quality hardwood, we use joints that can stand the test of time when we put it together. Our team have more than 25 years of experience in creating quality furniture and are all trained in traditional woodworking skills, Not only are our craftsmen experts in producing very accurate and strong wood to wood joints, but they also have a vested interest in creating furniture that is a testament to our quality promise, as they are all partners in our workshop.

We finish every chair to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, and to protect the wood from damage by moisture and handling. Our main consideration is to produce a furniture piece that offers superb performance and complies with the project’s aesthetic requirements. A side-effect of the hardness of solid Rhodesian Teak is that it’s quite brittle and prone to chipping during the production process. That’s why it can take several days to finish a piece, using increasingly fine sandpaper, until the perfect finish is achieved. Finished Bloodwood can be quite striking. If an oil based finish is used, the colour is quite similar to the tones of flames in a fire. Rhodesian Teak on the other hand has a rich brown colour with darker chocolate brown hues. An oil finish emphasise the rich beautiful colour of this wood.

When we design and craft furniture at The African Touch, we are guided not only by the aesthetic end goal, but also by its ability to transform spaces and, more importantly, the dynamic interaction people have with their furniture. In this vein, a sturdy and well-made chair can be compared to a trusted friend that you can count on for support, fully trusting its ability. At the African Touch we use our passion for furniture, age old craftsmanship and attention to detail to produce chairs, tables and cabinets with character, furniture that is trustworthy and can be treasured for generations.