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Safari Leather Cooler


The Safari Leather Cooler is a stunning piece. Built in three layers, the outer skin is full thickness (5 to 6 millimeters) pure veg tanned harness leather, beautifully polished and hand stitched to give a tough, resilient but luxurious cooler, the most opulent on the market. A full ten square feet of leather is used in fashioning this masterpiece. The middle layer is a 15 millimeter thick closed cell foam to give superb insulation. The inner layer is a perfectly moulded hard plastic bin to hold the bottles, ice and water in the cooler. It is a very generous 25 litres (44 pints) of storage space, enough for a case of drinks and plenty of ice. The base and top are lined with beautifully finished solid mahogany boards, converting the top into a tray when needed. Securely fixed leather handles make it easy to carry the cooler when full.

Our materials.

Vegetable tanned leather is the toughest and stiffest leather available. This makes it ideal to mold and shape without losing the form and shape over time. Veg tanning uses natural tannins and organic material derived from the bark and leaves of certain trees. This results in rich, deep natural earthy tones. The imperfections and natural fibres of the hide used are visible, giving it unique authenticity and character.

We combine natural genuine leather with solid African Mahogany for the base and as insulation in the top cover of our Safari Leather Cooler. This also turns the top into a very useful tray when needed!!

Our design.

Our Safari Leather Cooler is unique in that an everyday utility product has been turned into a leather work of art that you will be very proud to own and take to a braai or on your Safari drive vehicle. The triple sandwich of tough outer leather, closed cell insulation and engineered hard plastic inner bin make it 100% suitable to keep drinks cool while having a rugged construction that will last for decades.

Uses of The Safari Leather Cooler.

The Safari Leather cooler is ideal for keeping drinks cool at home functions, picnics, safari drives or sporting events. It goes very well with our various Field Bars, in fact it is an essential addition to them!

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To protect and nourish the Harness Leather of your Safari Leather Cooler we recommend you use our Food for Leather which we carry stocks of. Firstly clean the leather with a damp cloth. Leather Food should always be applied using a lint free cloth or a sponge using an even circular motion. Drying is temperature related but the cream generally dries in a couple of minutes after which it can be buffed with a polish brush or soft cloth. Leather Food provides a good degree of water resistance.


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