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The elegant lines of the Safari Easy Chair remind one of the tusks of great elephant that roam the African Savanna. The seat and backrest are curved and angled to give maximum comfort. Broad leather ‘riempie’ straps provide a tight support. The frame is hand shaped from beautiful Zambezi Teak.

The Safari Easy chair is an excellent lounger for hotel verandas, camp decks, by the pool or in a special private place. Everyone who sits in this chair falls in love with it instantly!

For more information on the Safari Easy Chair, please see ‘Description’ below



Our Design
The Safari Easy Chair is Richard Lowe’s interpretation of a chair originally designed by renowned Danish Designer, Hans J. Wegner, but with significant differences in the generous proportions of the timber used and the unique seat and back material. The elegantly curved form of this safari chair with angled backrest provides perfect comfort. The rawhide leather straps were traditionally used by the trekkers of yesteryear to make ropes and lash components of wagons and implements together. As the rawhide dries it shrinks and imparts great strength and rigidity to the chair.
The Safari Easy Chair is exquisitely built from an exceptionally fine and durable timber – Zambezi Teak, formerly known as Rhodesian Teak.
Materials and finishes used

Our safari easy chair is constructed out of Zambezi Teak. The timber is very hard and therefore difficult to work, but the end result is worth the challenges. Only the all brown heartwood of the teak is used with no staining or meddling with the colour, so the end product is pure, natural grain and colour.

The leather straps are known in Southern Africa as riempie. Tanned from thick bovine hide, this genuine leather is cut in much wider strips than traditional riempie, giving it greater durability. An option using Marine Sail Rope for the seat and back is also available.

A lacquer finish is fine if the chairs are left indoors, but for outdoors we definitely recommend an oil finish.

Uses of the Safari Easy Chair

This safari chair is very comfortable and therefore ideal for relaxing on a veranda or by a pool. Hotel and lodge guests absolutely love them. One or two on the guest stoep or on a deck works wonders. A word of warning for Safari lodges – hyena love to chew on the riempie, so please make sure they can’t get to the chairs if left outdoors.



  • Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Finishes: Lacquer
  • Material: Zambezi Teak

Additional Information

The Safari Easy Chair constructed using oversized mortice and tenon joints to ensure generations of use. The back rest is securely fitted in place with half lap joints screwed and glued in place to make a very strong connection.

Sizes & weights:

Height Width Length Weight.
840mm 590mm 980mm 15kg (33lbs)

Material used:

  • Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) formerly known as Rhodesian Teak . One of the hardest timbers in the world of exceptional beauty and grain, Zambezi grows on the deep, ancient sands of the Kalahari.

Finishes available:

  • The standard finish for our Safari Easy Chair is an oil finish, ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • A lacquer finish is available for a more refined indoor look.




  • Your Safari Easy Chairs are shipped carefully packed in a double walled cardboard crate, 1 to a crate, padded with air-o-thene foam.
  • Packed Sizes:
Height Width Depth Weight
860mm 610mm 1000mm 16kg

Order Now

Order Now

Enquiries and orders: Safari Director’s chairs are normally available ex -stock, but please allow a couple of weeks for the covers of your choice to be made up.


  • Price excludes delivery / freight charges quoted separately.
  • The following discounts apply for large orders:
    • More than 4 chairs – 10%.
    • More than 10 chairs – 15%


United States Dollars South African Rand
Leather Woven Strap $ 425.00 R 5 950.00
Marine Sail Rope $ 385.00 R 5 390.00



We offer a 15 year warranty on your Safari Easy Chairs for any flaws in construction or material (except natural imperfections such as knots, stress cracks etc.) Miss handling or inappropriate use of the product will invalidate the warranty.


We will supply you with our suggested care and maintenance guidelines to ensure life-long enjoyment of your furniture. However, we cannot be held responsible for repairing / replacing this product if you don’t follow these guidelines.

We build with timber harvested from natural forests. The charm of this material is that no two pieces are exactly the same in colour, character or grain, and they will contain natural imperfections such as knots, stress cracks and so on that enhance their authenticity and attractiveness. As a result, no 2 pieces will ever be identical, and products may have natural imperfections. However, these will never be allowed to compromise the quality of construction of your piece.

The African Touch will not in any circumstances be liable for any claim which falls outside the scope of our warranty or for any consequential damages whatsoever.

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